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Keto 900

by isbella isla (2019-01-30)

Well, we can't live without food nor can Keto 900 we survive on water alone. We need food for our body structural growth and development, the energy to carry out daily activities - both physical and mental, disease and ailment prevention etc. Just remember that the energy we get from food is where the calorie counting comes in. Bottom line is no food, you starve to death.Definitely a popular question. According to Wikipedia, the daily calorie intake recommended in the USA(age 31 - 50) is 2100 kCal for women and 2700 kCal for men going about everyday life activities plus the equivalent of walking 1.5 to 3 miles at 3 mph. This however, is not a "Ink on the wall" kind of thing since we all active at different levels and every unique metabolism requires its own calorie needs. In other words, the amount of calorie intake is dependent on age, gender, the levels of physical and mental activities, individual metabolism as well as general health conditions. For weight loss purposes, the general consensus is that the more physically active (exercises, sports) one is, the more calories they need to take since they burn a lot, and vise versa. Also see the US government dietary guidelines for more information.Our bodies are designed to convert food into energy and store it for immediate or future use. Intense physical activities like exercising require a lot of energy and hence we burn calories. On the other hand whatever energy we don't use is simply converted and store as body or tissue fat. So the more high calorific foods we eat and the less we are physically active, the more likely we are to put on weight by the additional fat the body creates to store excess calories.The diet that people call the 'fry-up diet', The Atkins diet involves limited consumption of carbohydrates to switch the body's metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy over to converting stored body fat to energy a process known as ketosis. In the two week introduction, food is very limited but you'll find yourself eating many foods the traditional dieter would die for like meat, eggs and cheese. So if you are a meat lover this is the diet for you. You can even cook with butter, put mayonnaise and on your salads (limited to loose leafy and 2-3 cups per day). You cannot eat any fruit and only quarter of a cup a certain cooked vegetables.The diet does allow for adding fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods after the two-week induction period. However, even when some carbohydrates are introduced back into your diet you'll find yourself being forbidden from eating foods like pasta, white bread and cakes for life.