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The CB Cash Code

by princy william (2019-01-30)

Consider submitting your The CB Cash Code Review articles to magazines and hard copy newsletters using the resource box at the end of your article to advertise your business. Many online business owners write articles and submit them to the online directories but very few take the extra step to submit them to magazines. If you need help finding the submission requirements for each magazine just head to your local University library and ask for the resource books that list magazines and their editors. There are several.Many businesses still put out a hard copy newsletter that they mail to their customer lists on a regular basis. If you do the same consider exchanging advertising with a complimentary type of business. Don't select newsletters that directly compete with yours, but rather those that would buy both of your services.Do a little research into your local radio and television shows. Stay away from the large networks, concentrate on the smaller independents. Approach the producers about being a guest on one of their shows. If you can sell them on the benefits to their audience, you might even be offered a show slot. Start small, and you could even find yourself on the large networks eventually.