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Power of Clarity

by gold stone (2019-01-30)

The fear of Power of Clarity Review capability comes down to two main elements: 1) Being afraid of having to always put in effort into our own lives, or 2) Being afraid of what others might think or do if we become capable in our own lives. Of course it is also possible to be afraid of both at the same time. To help you better understand each one, we'll look at them in more detail and show you how to overcome the associated fear.Being afraid to put effort in our own lives is actually connected to another fear - one that we can't admit to because of what it means in our own life. That other fear being the fear of having to confront everything that happens in our life. This is because we believe that if we have to confront everything then we have to also deal with the consequences. Conversely, if we ignore or deny everything then we can walk away from the situation without consequence. The problem with this mentality is that it is 100% backwards.If we ignore or deny everything that happens in our life we have to face all of the consequences plus the additional consequences that comes from denial. On the other hand, if we face everything that happens in our life as it happens then we only have to deal with what's right in front of us at the time. It's the fear of not knowing what we have to face that makes us want to avoid it at all costs. By dealing with the fear and accepting what comes, life becomes immensely easier to live.The fear of what others might think is actually just a variant of the same fear. The difference is that instead of focusing on ourselves it works as a deflection so that we can blame others for our fear. The problem with this is that it also acts as a wedge to keep others out from our lives. Since we're also commonly afraid of letting people into our lives as we might get hurt by them, we treat this as a win-win.Unfortunately the act of keeping people out of our lives in this way actually works as a lose-lose. Not only do we lose by having to face significant consequences for our refusal to deal with our own lives; we also have to face everything completely alone. By allowing others in our life we can get help and support when we need it to make it easier to deal with the stuff in our life. Even though we have to face the possibility of being hurt, what we gain from letting others in our life far exceeds that risk."Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death..." Frank Herbert had it right when he wrote that line in "Dune". Fear costs us more than we can even begin to imagine. All of those things that we DON'T do in this life are almost exclusively the result of fear. Yet even though we sacrifice countless things because of it, we really don't know a lot about it. To help correct that situation, it seemed like a good idea to help you learn more about fear and why we have it in our lives.