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Brainwave Shots

by Clara robert (2019-01-29)

The bottom line is our priorities Brainwave Shots Review and measurement of success are flawed. Our calendars are filled with an endless list of tasks to prove to the world that we are the best parent, employee, student, soccer player, dancer, or musician. At the same time, making a home cooked meal, going for a run, or relaxing with your family is viewed as unimportant.The worst part is we are setting a bad example for our children. The number of children and college students on antidepressants continue to rise every year. Our children are using our faulty definition of success and can't deal with the pressure and fear disappointing us.We all need to take a moment and decide what's most important to us and re-evaluate our definition of success. Then the easy part starts, actually making simple changes to make your life truly SUCCESSFUL!Recharge Your Battery, Not Just Your Smartphone's Battery Although our body tries to warn us, we don't have a digital readout like our smart phone to let us know we only have 10% battery left. As a result, we sometimes keep going till our battery dies.We all need to create a personal plan to recharge our batteries. It could be taking a class at the local gym, going for a walk, reading a book, watching TV, playing with your kids, or hanging out with your friends. The key is finding something you like that recharges your battery before it gets too low.