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Organic Fungus Nuker

by Clara robert (2019-01-29)

The most extreme form Organic Fungus Nuker Review of treatment for nail fungus is to surgically remove the nail. This is usually reserved for patients with very thick toenails who just "don't want to have to deal with it anymore." These patients usually have pain associated with the extreme thickness of their toenail. It is typical for these patients to deal with these nail problems for decades. In our office, when we perform the procedure, we remove the nail permanently. We do this because a temporary procedure that allows the nail to grow back does not insure a "clear" nail will grow in the old nail's place. When you remove a nail, you disrupt the root of the nail, and in essence, cause injury to the root and the nail bed. If you have read the previous articles I've written about nail fungus, you will know that nail injury can mimic the look of nail fungus. So, if we temporarily remove the nail, but damage the nail bed and the root in the process, the new nail that grows back (while it may not be fungal) may be injured and thus "look" fungal. If that is the case you just went through a nail procedure for nothing. Why? Because you still have a fungal looking nail. So, if you choose to go the surgical route, my advice is permanent nail removal.