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Member XXL

by Clara robert (2019-01-28)

While most men know that sperm begin their Member XXL Review lives deep within the tissues that make up the testicles, few know that some portions of ejaculate are made by a very different part of the male anatomy. For example, the prostate gland, located deep inside of a man's body, produces some of the elements that come shooting out during a moment of bliss.It's not really clear which part of the ejaculate comes from which part of the body, as all of the mixing takes place long before the bulk of the fluid is expelled from the penis. But the way the stuff looks, feels or even tastes could be a good indication of the overall health of a man's most private parts.Volume and Consistency Concerns No matter how much a guy might brag, a total load of more than about a teaspoon is unusual. Some men shoot about half that amount. But, men who commonly produced a large amount and then suddenly experience a lower volume might be dealing with a blockage of some sort. A dip in fluid production like this might merit a visit to the doctor.Similarly, a change in the way the fluid looks could be an indication of some disruption in a man's system. Clumps, lumps and bumps in bits that were once smooth and milky also merit a trip to the doctor's office.