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by Clara robert (2019-01-28)

High blood pressure causes an excessActivOx Review amount of stress on the artery walls. This causes the heart to have to pump harder, which promotes unhealthy tissue growth and a weakening of the heart muscle. When the heart muscle is weak, you can inadvertently cause it to stop if you overexert yourself. High blood pressure is also a symptom that points to over potential problems for your heart. For example, when high blood pressure is caused by plaque build-up in the artery walls, you should understand that the most major risk of this is heart attack. If too much plaque builds up at a specific section of the blood vessel, it could close off completely, causing heart attack. Similarly, even if it does not close completely, a piece of the plaque could break off from the wall, travel down the blood vessel, and get lodges in a smaller vessel or in the heart itself, also causing a heart attack.Beyond the heart, a similar thing can happen to the brain. If a piece of plaque cuts off a blood vessel in the brain, you suffer from a stroke. While you can eventually regain heart-health again after a mild heart attack, the effects of a stroke can be long lasting or permanent, depending on where in your brain the effected blood vessel is located. Because blood is cut off from your brain, oxygen cannot travel to this area, and so pieces of the brain die. Some cannot be rebuilt, and some, if they die, result in death.