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by isbella isla (2019-01-25)

There are a number of medicines Folexin available on the market today that claim to reduce and even cure hair loss. Among them propecia and minoxidil are probably the most well known but care must be taken with these products as they can cause side effects in some people who take them.Hair Weaves.Hair weaving is the non surgical process of attaching hairs to those that you already have, to give the appearance of a thicker head of hair. This is an excellent treatment for those who want to create the appearance of a full head of hair and the results appear completely natural.Hair weaving also needs to be maintained every four to five weeks and does not cause any damage to existing hair.Surgical Techniques.These are the most extreme forms of hair replacement therapy, using complex micro surgery to remove healthy hair and follicles from one part of the scalp and transplant them to other parts of the head. It is a complicated procedure and must be carried out by a full qualified doctor.Male Pattern Balding Here at the London Centre of Trichology we offer a range of hair loss prevention treatments. Each treatment plan is tailored to your individual requirements, after a hair loss diagnosis at our London clinic.Can you inherit the baldness gene?Yes, both male and female pattern baldness are inherited. In males, the gene can come from either parent, in females, if only one parent carries the gene, it is less likely to be passed on. This is because women have a higher level of oestrogen in their blood.What is the cause of hair loss?There is not as yet, one single answer to this question, nor does it seem that there is going to be. One of the principal culprits is the male hormone, DHT, this triggers an attack on the hair follicle resulting in the follicles inability to produce terminal hair. The reason for this could be that DHT somehow alters the follicle, causing it to be regarded as a foreign body and is therefore attacked by the body's own white blood cells.A possibly related factor is that elevated androgens trigger increased sebum production, which can lead to increased microbial and parasitic activity. In either case, the hair follicles will progressively miniaturize so that with each successive growth cycle, the hair shaft becomes shorter and thinner until it finally turns into tiny colourless hair sometimes referred to as peach fuzz.