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Weight Loss Breeze

by Clara robert (2019-01-25)

Over 75% of all adult Americans Weight Loss Breeze Review drink either coffee or tea on a regular basis as a matter of fact about 50% of Americans shrink tool or 3 cups of coffee beverages, and about 24% of the population drinks six or more cups of coffee every day. That means a conservative estimate of over 200 billion dose of this drug are consumed every year in this country alone.Most people would not think of their morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea as a drug, yet cut scene is addictive, it causes very similar withdrawal symptoms when discontinued as in regular drugs, and it increases both psychological and physical dependence on it. This certainly sounds like a drug to me. Coffee is a stimulant of the central nervous system similar to cocaine, and has been linked to a post of health problems, including increased heart rate, change in blood vessel diameter, increased blood pressure, birth defects, diabetes, kidney failure, gastric ulcers and a host of other health issues.You may be saying well what about decaffeinated coffee or tea is that better? Well I could ask you this question in response which one of your kidney would you rather give up the left or the right? The process that is used in decaf anything coffee and tea requires a great deal of highly toxic chemicals and solve that permeates the bean of the coffee, which you then consume.One cup of coffee takes over 24 hours to pass through the kidneys and urinary tract, and places a great deal of stress of these filtration processes. If you are an individual that drink seven or 8 cups of coffee each day then I suggest you start saving for your own dialysis machine, you are going to need it.