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Vertigo And Dizziness Program

by gold stone (2019-01-25)

Entire careers are Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review based on the study of what we ingest, and yet have we ever stopped to think about what is more important - that which goes into our mouths or what comes out of it?The health conscious everywhere are obsessed with diet and food; with what goes into the mouth. Rarely does one think of what comes out of it.Even as we spend enormous amounts of time focussed on our diet, so little time is focussed on the quality of words and intentions with which we speak! For what comes out of our mouth is the result of a whole different kind of nutrition - what we feed our minds.We plan with military precision our menus and dinner parties to ensure the food is a great success and that we have the perfect wine to serve, yet do we give any attention to how our words, conversation and behaviour may affect the guests....We have all experienced many a well planned dinner party that has gone astray by rude guests, drunken behaviour, or just plain incivilities. The next time you are in a restaurant or a café, just take time to look around you...delicious food and drink is being poisoned by angry conversations, malicious gossips, constant moaning and general bickering and unhappiness. And all this is happening in the luxury of an upmarket café in the midst of a cool air-conditioned environment. Even though people are attentive to what they put into their bodies they are totally unaware of what goes into their minds...This one dimensional approach to health and nutrition does not work. It is as important that we feed our mind good thoughts as it is to feed our body good food.Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science and practice of harmonious living, prescribes that we eat in silence, slowly and mind-fully for maximum positive nourishment. Unfortunately in today's fast paced society, the time to nourish our bodies has become a time when we multi-task/ moan / groan/ complain / rush and hurry. Gone are the days of leisurely lunches and well structured conversations. Waiters constantly have to deal with harried guests who often are just plain rude, not because the food is bad but because they carried their unresolved emotional issues to lunch. Food is rarely enjoyed - instead it is forked into the mouth at the same time as continuing a conversation, being distracted and generally having little awareness of what is actually being eaten.It is not just what foods we eat that we should focus upon, but on our whole attitude and approach to meals and what benefits we can achieve by slowing down, enjoying the food on our plate and more importantly enjoying the good company of others around us. The quality of the food on your plate does not benefit you when you eat it in an angry, hurried mood or with negative thoughts in your mind...because the energetic imprints of the emotions will be absorbed along with the energy the food provides.