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The Flat Belly Formula

by Clara robert (2019-01-24)

Other than your diet, theThe Flat Belly Formula Review best way to burn fat is aerobic exercise. Doctors recommend a regular exercise program whether it's to lose weight or just to maintain good health. But with the increasing problem of serious weight gain in America, there are several exercise programs that were devised specifically to make people burn fat faster. Although there is some that do help people lose weight, the success of any exercise program is if the person is consistent in the effort.Aerobic exercise is proven to burn calories faster than weight lifting or other strength training exercises. Going for a 30 minute run in the morning, or even just a brisk walk in the afternoon can help boost your metabolism and make your body burn more calories through out the day. Of course, the rate of fats that you burn also depends on the intensity of your aerobic exercise. You need to do at least 30 minutes three times a week or more, and gradually increase the intensity of your exercise every week.