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Backyard Revolution

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-01-24)

Solar power systems are found commonly at homes as they Backyard Revolution Review can easily be integrated into your home. The main part of the solar system is the photovoltaic cell which takes sunlight and converts its energy into electricity. Because most arrays will produce more energy than you can use will put all the extra energy into batteries or pump it back into the electrical grid, which will appear as credits on your electricity bill. There are many new alternative energy source for homes ideas using solar and wind. Besides these two main types of alternative sources homes can also use geothermal heat, rain, tides, biomass and much more. Just under 20% of all energy consumption uses renewable sources with the most amount of renewable energy being produced from hydroelectricity plants. The use of wind for power currently is the fastest growing as each year it increases by 30%. Wind power is used mainly in the US, Europe and Asia and besides land based farms there are also offshore wind farms being built to harness power. Wind power is the most efficient of all renewable sources available. Wind power can effectively produce more than 5 times the energy used globally though the main drawback is that there are not nearly enough collection points to produce this energy.

The turbines would take up large tracks of land or sea which is another concern as property does have a high value in many countries. It is also though that higher altitude wind turbines may be able to collect even more power because the winds increase the higher you go in the atmosphere. Solar power has turned out to be one of the best choices for home usages because the larger the solar plant the less effective it is at converting energy. However home use is very efficient and as the price of solar cells continues to drop and the sunlight conversion becomes more efficient more people will be using solar power for their electricity needs. Solar energy converts the sunlight into power using a photovoltaic cell. Solar energy can be used for heating, cooling, light, cooking and much more. There are two different types of cells an active solar cell and passive and the main difference is the way that they capture and then distribute the energy.