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Sin Diabetes Ya

by Clara robert (2019-01-24)

In diabetic retinopathy, theSin Diabetes Ya Revision back of the eye where the image of what we view is formed become damaged due to very high levels of blood sugar, new and weak blood vessels can develop. Subsequently, because they are fragile bleeding into the eye can occur. Unfortunately, this can result in the loss of vision. Finding the condition early is vital for treating it as soon as possible. Scientists in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and the National University of Singapore have discovered a molecule, osteopontin, which indicates the presence and the severity of retinopathy.Their work, reported on in February of 2018 in the journal Molecular Vision, included four hundred and forty-three participants. The researchers photographed the back of the participants' eyes, capturing the same picture as physicians see when they examine their patients' eyes using an ophthalmoscope. A total of one hundred and seventy-four participants or 39 percent were diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy the average osteopontin level was higher in the participants who had diabetic retinopathy than in those without the eye issue higher levels of osteopontin were also seen in those with more severe disease.From the above results, the researchers concluded osteopontin might be useful in diagnosing diabetic retinopathy.