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Business Success Made Simple

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-01-24)

Good, I hope you took that minute or more. Because, reality is more than Business Success Made Simple Review just what is in front of us, it is everything. If it was not everything, then no concept would work, let alone exist. Energy is, use it? Yes, if you want to make reality work to your greatest advantage. From thought, to money, to electricity, everything is energy in different forms that can be used or misused. I remember reading this Michael Korda book about getting power, using power and keeping power. Sure, basically it had one accurate theme, all things come in one form, reality and it is always there. Sure, I am sure he meant corporate boardroom power mainly, but I understood his deeper, unconsciously come by meaning that he had within even that understanding of what power is and how it is really used.