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by isbella isla (2019-01-23)

When we think about balding, we usually VitaKeratin focus on men, and how baldness will change their lives forever. However, hair loss does not choose gender. It happens as much to men as it does to women. As a matter of fact, hair loss treatment, in women's cases, does not differ much from that of men's. Here is some information that may affect your choice of hair loss treatment in women.Estrogen could influence the loss of locks. It's uncertain how much estrogen impacts the growth of tresses. More specifically, no clinical studies have created a clear link between hairs and their growth. Thus, you should be extremely cautious when using products that influence estrogen levels. While estrogen has been marketed as the best hair loss treatment in women, There's no scientific proof that by changing your levels of estrogen, you can slow down or end the loss of locks.Female hair loss usually doesn't result in baldness. While men oftentimes experience baldness after the follicles on their heads start falling out, females rarely experience the symptom. Instead, their mane tends to thin out, resulting in a wispy appearance. Still, a hair loss treatment in women can be effective in causing one's mane to appear fuller.Losing hairs is related to the genes of both parents. One common myth related to losing locks is that both men and females always inherit the loss of head follicles, from their fathers. However, it's important to note that this belief is a mere myth. In fact, just as the loss of head strands can affect both males and females, the genes of both parents are a factor in this process.More often than not, the biggest loss is among women who wear their hair long. There is nothing you can do to stop the natural resting stage. However, many women feel this is a good time to go for a short cut. Mainly the reason for this is they do not have the time to style their coiffure as they did before the baby was born.There are products available that will help to strengthen hair and at least give it a fuller look until the new growth. There are different types of products such as, mousse and thickener that will make your hair appear much thicker by adding volume.