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21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance

by gold stone (2019-01-23)

Eighty percent 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance Review of most organizations believe they deliver exemplary customer service. Ironically, less then twenty percent do. According to research by consultancy Bain and Company, only eight percent of companies really deliver on customer service. In fact, U.S. corporations lose half their customers every five years. Loyal customers become adjuncts to the marketing department. Make certain your organization invests in programs that promote customer loyalty. It makes strategic selling much easier.There are too many barriers to selling. To lessen impediments, the best professionals learn to strategically view accounts as trusted partners. Avatars return calls quickly, communicate account issues inter-departmentally, and decrease silos and bureaucracy. When clients obtain information wherever, whenever, and however, their representatives value results from service, expediency, and commitment.Technology is about connectivity. We all feel overwhelmed by the quantities of e-mail and voice mail. However, technology provides the competitive advantage of maintaining customer connections. Preserve clients with proper communication. The best rule of thumb is once or twice per month, either by telephone or in person.Differentiation stems from doing things the competition does not. However, you cannot design a strategic program if you do not understand the competitive field. Conduct homework to discern competitive characteristics. Develop useful methods designed around client need. Most important, focus on the result and the client outcome, NOT on your organizational outcome-that is client value.Exemplars for strategic selling constantly evaluate programs. Great strategists employ a team of advisors that understand issues, refrain from tactics, and ask great questions. Seek new answers to old issues and produce better outcomes.Similar to an athlete seeking to gain a competitive advantage, you too must seek the inside track. Clients today are more discretionary. Ensure your success with proper relationships that enable competitive advantage, insight, and availability and watch your goals become reality.I have had a couple of my readers on my Dive site email me saying how they had contacted a particular Dive shop that I recommended, only to get a blunt negative response.You see they rang the shop to get more information E mailed to them as they were too busy to get in for themselves. One of these gentlemen was going to spend in excess of $3000.00 and to get the response that he did was very off putting, not to mention making me ending up looking a bit stupid for the Recommendation.This annoys me no end as I hear how tight and how hard some shops have had it over the winter period only to be treated like this really makes me start to wonder. Here are a few questions that I would like to put forward to the Dive Shops of New Zealand.When I am asked for advice on what Dive Shops are best to deal with I look at all the shops in the local area and recommend the closest to the customer that I know will provide a good service. Taking this very negative feedback I have had it will be interesting to see this shops response.