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The Az Code

by isbella isla (2019-01-23)

The next thing that you need beyond these, The Az Code is a webinar account. You can use sites such as Livestream or Ustream. These allow for live webinars. Here are some other tips to produce and share you next webinar.If the purpose of the webinar is a conference, then send out emails to your targets to prepare them to set the date. Then on the day of the event, send out a reminder email.Take into account issues, such as time zone differences. Host your webinar in a time zone that meets the needs of your customers. But if you have people who can't attend the live event, then pre-record it, so that it will be available to listen to, and to watch at a later date.Make some notes for yourself, so that you present yourself in a way that flows. You don't have to write a whole speech, but it's good to create a good guide for yourself.Let your participants know that you will conduct a question and answer segment after the presentation is complete. Many people don't like it when they miss good information, because the segment is being bombarded with questions.Before going live with your presentation, test it out with some friends, and with some family members. This is the time to test the equipment, and to work out any kinks and bugs before going live.You may have noticed small, square, black and white images appearing on all sorts of printed things you have seen over the past year. These are called QR codes, and they are a relatively new innovation in online marketing.A QR code can be printed onto anything, from an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, to a flyer, or the packaging or label on a product. It basically functions like a barcode. A piece of software that is able to scan a QR code can decode it to a URL, so that when it is scanned it can take the user straight to any website the creator of the QR code chooses.OK, that is all well and good, but who carries a barcode scanner around with them? Well, lots of people. Using the combination of the camera on your smartphone and one of the many bespoke QR reader apps available, you can quickly scan QR codes you see on the go and have them take your smartphone's browser instantaneously to the related site.There are almost limitless applications for this type of code. You could use it to link from a small, cheap newspaper ad to a much richer and more appealing ad on your website or Facebook fan page (which of course costs you little or nothing to create), or from the packaging on one of your products through to an online voucher which gives the customer money off of their next purchase. You can use it to provide a lot of information when you only have a small space, such as a tag on some clothing you are selling, to print on.You can even come up with creative and innovative ways to use it like treasure hunt type things, where people have to find a set of your QR codes in different places to gain access to some fun content or a special offer. For people with good ideas, it can be a really great way to engage customers and also a good way to integrate any traditional print media campaigns you are doing with your online marketing, to create a really neat converged approach and great brand impact.