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Anti Anxiety Plus

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-01-23)

One of the easiest things to do to stop anxiety is to figure out a Anti Anxiety Plus Review way to observe yourself. Don't just react to your anxiety, but observe what is going on around you. I like to keep a journal where I can quickly jot down what is causing my anxiety. If you write things down you are consciously recognizing the fact that you are having anxiety. Once you start to recognize when you are having attacks, you will start to notice some patterns that seem to happen over and over. It's different for everybody, you might just feel uneasy, or have a tight chest. These symptoms may persist for a while until they build up into a full blown panic attack. When curing panic attacks you have to be in touch with your body and realize when the initial sensations of the attack are affecting you. As soon as you feel the first twinge of a panic attack you should stop doing what you are doing and find a comfortable place to be alone. Then you must prepare yourself to accept the anxiety. I personally like to embrace my anxiety when I feel it. I've learned to welcome the fear that bubbles up inside of me. I am able to do this because I am no longer scared of it. One of the first things I had to do when curing my panic attacks was to learn how to observe my fear, which in turn made me fear it less. Anxiety may be defined as a multisystem response to an imaginary threat or danger. Its occurrence depends on the biochemical changes in a person, his personal and emotional history, and his behavior in the social environment. Anxiety in post traumatic often crops up due to the inherent complexities of the human memory. Researchers have concluded after many experiments that animals can only feel fear but in humans due to their increased levels of imagination and memory, anxiety arises.


It is believed that stress, neurological disorders and also in some cases medications are responsible for stress. Several researchers opine that anxiety may result in an improved personality. Anxiety leads to increased alertness and attentiveness in a person. On the physiological side it is characterized by dilated pupils, increased heartbeat and reduced digestion which leaves scope for more energy to flow to the muscles which may be addressing a fight or flee situation. Anxiety can also be an indication for under or over thyroidal activity, endocrinal malfunctions and/or chest pains owing to inadequate blood supply to the heart.