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Auvela Serum

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-01-22)

Americans are still using chemicals like these Auvela Serum Review because the FDA does not regulate the cosmetics/personal care industry. Man-made chemicals are known to kill wildlife habitat. The chemicals used in manufacturing of cosmetics and personal care products are cheap and easy to obtain, and the FDA has placed no sanctions and made no demands on manufacturers of the personal products we use every day to change their formulas to make them healthy and safe for us. The FDA and the EPA make no demands on these companies to change their modes of manufacture or their formulas. Neither regulates the chemicals we put on and in our bodies when we use any hygiene or cosmetic product. This is bad for the planet, bad for humans, bad for animals. We all should be paying attention to the things we are destroying to make ourselves look and smell appealing to others. Looking and smelling good will do us no good if we destroy our Mother Earth to achieve these ends.