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by Clara robert (2019-01-19)

During the adolescent years, our body'sWartrol Review oil-secreting glands go into hyperdrive. The consequence, to different degrees, is the presence blackheads and pimples on the skin - typically facial skin, but additionally skin on the shoulders and back. Acne is usually simply a part of the growing up process, but it can certainly be traumatic to some teens with severe cases. It was once believed that acne resulted from eating the wrong foods -like chocolate and French fries, both staples on any adolescent's food chart. Now we know that acne, in addition to oil glad secretions, has much more to do with genetics and stress than food.Common adolescent acne clears up with products found in drug stores which control and dry oil secretions. On the other hand, cystic acne is an acute form of this condition that can cause serious problems and scaring of the face. Dermatologists treat this condition with special cleansing products and antibiotics. The majority of these products, prescription or over-the counter contain alcohol and/or witch hazel that sting the skin and sometimes dry it to the point of redness and pain.