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Wealth and Abundance

by princy william (2019-01-18)

Wittgenstein saw the Wealth and Abundance Review fundamental unit of meaning isn't the word, the word only function, the name only mean in the context of a sentence that is itself a fact that enables the sentence to picture the structure of facts in the world. I think we can easily now see what we mean by picturing when we say, 'there is a cat on the mat' this structure is easily understandable, but suppose, we say ' there is no cat on the mat' so how the hell could we picture something we say in correspondence to something that is not there?Wittgenstein thought that words like the so called logical constant such as 'not' if' 'and' 'or' are not part of the picturing structure. It is not hard to believe this, take for example, the 'non smoking sign' there is a line drawn through the picture of a cigarette to mean no smoking. The line that is drawn through the cigarette is the negation, but does not form part of the picturing relationship. The 'not' is the operating on the picture but it isn't itself part of the picture.