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by Clara robert (2019-01-18)

That is one of the most commonProstacet Review questions that people asked others or keep in their minds whenever laser hair removal (LHR) procedures are discussed. Laser hair removal is arguably the most preferred method that people can use to get rid of excessive or unwanted hair off their bodies (or at least on certain areas) and a session normally costs a few hundred dollars that some patients describe as reasonable if not affordable. LHR works by aiming a beam of laser at hair follicles of a desired spot of treatment and the heat generated by the laser spreads throughout the hair and reaches down to its root to eventually destroy it. Like any other procedure of medicine, laser hair removal has its own set of risks and side effects but the most common thing that concerns people is the pain that comes with LHR.So does laser hair removal hurt? The answer is a solid yes and it is important to keep in mind that the use of laser generates an accelerated amount of heat that will not only be felt through the nerves but also can cause damage to the skin surface. Using laser to destroy hair is a very tricky process as the laser technician has to time precisely how long the beam should be focused on the hair to destroy it (right down to the root) while being careful about causing skin damage with the heat. There definitely is pain that comes with the procedure no matter how high tech the equipment used is or no matter how skilled the technician is.