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Alphanation Combat Fighter

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-01-17)

The first thing you should buy is a "Go Pack". Among the Alphanation Combat Fighter Review survivalist community this is called a "Bug Out Bag". A backpack full of goodies that you can grab in a moments notice if you have to flee your house due to a fire, flood, earthquake, civil unrest, etc. Don't be afraid of the word "survivalist". For many people it brings to mind a wide-eyed long bearded man in the wilderness with an AK-47, ready to shoot at anything that moves. Yes, there are those guys out there, but the majority of "survivalist's" are regular people who refuse to starve to death if for some reason the supermarkets no longer carry food. They refuse to let someone come on their property and steal the things they have worked so hard for. They are prepared for the worst and hope for the best. They will be the ones who help you, if you are unprepared.