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by Clara robert (2019-01-17)

If you take the time to understand waterPocket Light Review emergency preparedness, you'll increase your knowledge and become better at surviving at sea. Everyday someone in the United States gets into a water accident with another boat or land. This type of accident may require you to abandon ship. For example, from the date of this article in 2018 alone, there were 11 water accidents in 8 different countries resulting in 444 deaths and 135 injuries. Understanding how to escape a sinking ship may become necessary.Water Emergency Preparedness - Step 1: Know where the personal flotation devices are located onboard your ship. This simple task reduces stress and panic during an actual emergency event. Read the instructions found on the flotation device before putting it on. When needed, ensure you put on your flotation device.Water Emergency Preparedness Step 2: Allow women and children to board lifeboats first. Allowing woman and children to board first may be a law depending on the origin country of the vessel, or if you're in international waters.Water Emergency Preparedness Step 3: If the boat is in immediate danger of sinking ensure you send out a mayday call over the radio. To mount a rescue, provide the listener with any details on your location and coordinates.