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Wealth Academy

by Clara robert (2019-01-17)

In recognition of these new realities Wealth Academy Review legislation exists to ensure that every employer gives reasonable consideration to a request for flexible working arrangements, subject to certain conditions having been met. Employees have redress if stipulated procedures, such as a meeting to discuss such an application, are not followed. There is some evidence to suggest that employers' attitudes are changing as it becomes clear that removing unnecessary areas of conflict between an employee's private and working life leads to greater work satisfaction and increased productivity. A report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has argued that implementing flexible working practices can improve engagement and motivation amongst staff.But changing workplace cultures and the attitude of employers is only half the story. Working successfully from home is a strict discipline to which the employee also needs to adapt if the arrangement is to prove successful. The home and life within it are filled with potential distractions and without a positive effort being made to tackle these it is unlikely that productivity will benefit from relocation away from the workplace.Overcoming Distractions and Obstacles to Working From HomeThis is no small obstacle to overcome.