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Mass Extreme

by Clara robert (2019-01-14)

Some come to crave it relishing how turgid Mass Extreme Review and large their muscles become. When you stand before a mirror and gaze upon your reflection, when you reflect upon the enhanced size of your muscles, perhaps you wonder why they have grown so inflated in such a short time. Surely it's not muscle fiber, already spun as if from a magical loom? No. No magical loom. Rather, your muscles are reflecting a simple process that is undergoing, much to your benefit, in the tissue.What is this process? Well, to first understand it we must understand a little more about the biology of the muscle. Don't worry, it won't be too in depth or crazy! No biology degrees needed here. Instead, a little attention, and the ability to process basic information. Your muscle is not actually made of mostly protein as most people believe; in fact, muscles are 70% water and other substances beside protein; these other substances are the connective cells, the amino acids and such that hold the muscle together.When you workout hard, what happens is that you stress your muscles, inflict upon their surface thousands of micro-tears that signal to your body not only that you have been working out, but that you need to strengthen your muscles for future exercise. While in the long run a complex process involving hormones and muscle cell recruitment takes place, in the short immediate term your muscles grow flooded by water bringing more of those other substances besides protein; the pump, in short, is your muscles being pumped full of water. That's why they not only look larger, but they look smoother too.