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BedBug Guardian

by Clara robert (2019-01-14)

To find your true motivator, make a BedBug Guardian Review list of your most exciting accomplishments. Think about the times when you felt energized at work or when you looked forward to going to work. Scan your resume and look for key words or phrases that made that job enjoyable. Was it the ability to lead a group of people into accomplishing a difficult task? Were you enlivened by the accomplishments that you created or the skills that enabled you to manage a large group? Maybe it was not the attainment of reaching the goal that exhilarated you as much as the recognition you received from your boss or others that was your true motivator. Also include tasks that you have achieved since working from home in your list. Think about projects that you have completed that excited you or that you tackled with exuberance.Once you have a list of your most motivating experiences, take a look at it and circle key words or phrases that appear more than once. This will help you identify a clear pattern of what motivated you. Sometimes it can be as simple as having accomplished a goal accurately and in a timely manner. Other times it can be as complex as the prestige that you were awarded by others once the task was completed. Either way, it will give you a stronger sense of what motivates you right now.