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Crypto Coin Sniper

by Clara robert (2019-01-14)

I'm talking about the same kind of edge Crypto Coin Sniper Review that a casino owner or an insurance company has. This is a statistical edge based on the law of large numbers. The casino doesn't know if a particular spin of the roulette wheel will be a win or a loss, but they know that after 1000 spins they will very likely be richer. Their edge is simple to describe using the game of roulette as an example. The player has a 1/38 chance of winning on any given spin, but will only receive 36 times their money if they win. So for 3,800 spins, the player will win 100 of them on average, yielding $3,600. But the player will lose the other 3,700 spins at a dollar each for a loss of $3,700. So what's the average take for the house? It's $100 for every 3800 spins, or a little under 3 cents per spin. It adds up...and all other casino games of pure chance (these don't include poker or blackjack which can involve some skill) are variations on this theme. That's why casinos get rich and gamblers go broke.Insurance companies get rich in pretty much the same way. The company has no idea if a particular person will die this year, but they do have a pretty accurate idea how many people out of 1,000,000 policyholders with a given profile will die this year. Let's say that statistically the death rate of a given class of people (males over 55, smokers, and in moderate health for instance) is 4% so that we expect 40,000 to die this year. If each policy pays $10,000 for a death, then the company expects to shell out $400 million dollars in! So how much should the company charge in premiums for those one million policies each year then? Well how about $500 each? That gives the company $500 million in revenues for an expected $400 million benefit payout, leaving $100 million for salaries, expenses, profits and whatever. That's their statistical edge.