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Strikepen Black

by Clara robert (2019-01-12)

Set goals for yourself These may Strikepen Black Review be daily or even hourly goals such as making it to the next ridge or obtaining a meal from your environs. Make sure they are achievable and objective oriented. Every step you complete will be a psychological boost for you and will build confidence in your basic survival skills.Focus on what you can change - If a substantial disaster has struck, focusing on the injustice of the resulting situation or the loss that has occurred will not help you. However, focusing on building a shelter or staying dry will help immensely. Concentrating your efforts to improve your situation will help you both in the long and short terms. Ignore the big picture and totally focus on improving your immediate situation.Keep hydrated and nourished - This will give you the energy to keep on in the face of adversity. A steady water and food supply are important and vital. You wlll not be seeking to feast daily but meeting your basic calorie and hydration requirements will be enough to keep you going. 2400-3600 Calories per day is a strong amount to aim for. Along with that, if this requirement is squared away it will allow you to really concentrate more on recovery efforts or getting help.