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Cover The Draw

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-01-10)

While in-depth handicapping and hard work may be the Cover The Draw Review only way to make a long term and consistent profit at horse racing handicapping, there are some simple methods that you can use to pick some winners. Whatever you do and however you go about finding horses to bet on, one thing is certain, betting on horse races is risky and you should never risk money you can't afford to lose. Let's start with eh simplest and probably the oldest method of picking winners first. If you can actually get to the race track and watch the races you have the benefit of seeing the horses up close and can see more than the people who watch the races on a television monitor at an OTB facility. You have an advantage and if you're smart, you'll use it. The smartest and most successful gamblers realize that the key to winning is in getting an edge over the other players. Seeing the horses live is just such an advantage because horses, being living creatures, do reveal a lot about their physical condition by their appearances.