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by Daisy Pricilla (2019-01-09)

A beautiful wooden deck, properly maintained, can Rejuvalex Review add greatly to the aesthetic and resale values of a home. Just look around, decks are almost everywhere. Not just houses but both municipal and commercial facilities use wooden decks and walkways extensively. Because of this pressure washing decks can be a great profit center for your business or even the whole business. The great news is that decks need maintenance. As beautiful as a wooden deck can be it can be a real eyesore if not properly maintained.When a wood deck absorbs water the natural resins and color can be washed out over time. The combination of wood and water creates a food source for mildew, fungus and mold promoting their growth. Wood and water combined with dirt and even air pollution will also contribute to the proliferation of mildew, fungus and molds. One thing to remember is that a wet deck with a thick coating of mildew is very slick and slippery.