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Belly Fat Trick

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-01-09)

If you are looking to burn fat fast, there is no better Belly Fat Trick Review way than to do some interval training. What is interval training? It is a type of workout in which you have high intensity bursts of work. Instead of running on a treadmill consistently at the same speed, or doing the same jumping jacks or other consistent exercises, interval training demands that you vary the intensity of your workout in order to achieve maximum results. There are many different kinds of high intensity interval training, and the best part of this type of workout is that it does not take as much time as generic cardio. One great type of interval training is to use an elliptical machine or stationary bike. But the catch is not to consistently exercise at the same speed, but to vary the speed in small bursts of high intensity training. In other words, if you were to pedal the bike for as fast as you possibly could for 10 seconds, then slow down for 10 seconds, you would burn twice the calories as if you were maintaining the same speed for 20 seconds.