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Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula

by gold stone (2019-01-07)

High blood pressure has Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula Review appropriately been nicknamed the "Silent Killer" as it claims over 50,000 lives a year without any warning and is a contributing factor to 300,000 more. It is a disease that is endemic in the U.S. and costs us billions to treat with drugs, doctor visits, lab costs, surgery, hospital stays and lost production. The sad thing about this disease is it is 95% preventable and reversible but we have yet to adopt a preventative attitude towards it.What causes high blood pressure or hypertension? If you have secondary hypertension then your condition is caused by one or more organs that dysfunction. That however is only 5% of the HBP population.It is well documented that changes in these behaviors will naturally lower blood pressure back to normal levels. It has also been documented that, with the proper food, damage to blood vessels caused by HBP can be repaired. A natural system can get most people back to normal readings within three weeks if they work at it.We have been taught by our doctors and by massive advertising campaigns that the objective for any treatment for any condition is not a "cure" but a "control". As if "controlling" a condition, be it hypertension or diabetes or incontinence, is preferable to curing the condition.Apparently the pharmaceutical companies are out of the cure business. Of course if a person were to be cured, they would no longer have a need for medication. If you notice, 85% of pharmaceutical ads are for products YOU HAVE TO TAKE FOR LIFE. Why find a way to cure something when you can profit from it for years by "controlling" it.Natural control of blood pressure is focused on the correct combination of exercise, healthy diet and stress management. You can find this information bit by bit by searching the internet, but make sure you have the entire picture before you jump in. Your heart will thank you. Exercise is the single most fastest way to reduce your your BP reading. Twenty minutes of brisk walking or cycling or other form of mild aerobic exercise will immediately drop your pressure and keep it down for about 22 hours. In addition this is a great way to burn off the chemical effects of unmanaged stress. And if you have an imaginative mind, as the endorphins kick in, think about your perfect vacation or other fantasy. This is also a way to manage stress.The American Heart Association endorses the DASH diet. Basically that's a diet that restricts salt, greatly increases fresh food loaded with vitamins, minerals and potent antioxidants, and cuts back saturated fat found in red meat and replaces it with cold water fish. This was not designed as a weight loss diet but you will lose weight on it.