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Ultra T-Boost

by gold stone (2019-01-07)

Nearly there! Step three of Ultra T-Boost Review our learning process about toning abs is all about cardio. This isn't to say you should run out and start doing hours upon hours on the treadmill. Of course, you don't need to go mad on a treadmill. That's not what I mean.All this means is doing some good cardio workout sessions every week. And "good" means stuff like sessions of sprinting, hill running, skipping and such like. Of course, this will be more intense than perhaps your usual moderate pace, when reading a magazine. But believe me, you will see those toned abs a hundred times quicker.For eight to ten times per workout, you must up your cardio intensity for twenty to forty seconds. When you do this, you're going to see your toned abs faster that you think.Now, enjoy the knowledge about toning abs and give yourself a wink when admiring your body in the mirror. These above 3 steps mean that you'll have discovered what is needed to get perfectly toned abs this year.If I got a penny for every time I've heard someone say I want to lose some weight before engaging in weight training, I would be living happily insome exotic island with no financial worries in the world. Some of the people that say these are those that still believe that muscle can turn into fat. Let me clarify this, that is complete rubbish! Muscle can never turn into fat. That is like saying, "water can turn in to oil". There are several reasons why people say this;Clearly, some of these people do not realize the time, effort, dedication, etc that people like Ronnie put in to their workouts. Some even think (and this is very common with women) that, they will get huge just by touching weights.First of all, what is wrong with building muscle? I submit that not everyone wants to look like a body builder. Some people are happy just to look toned, which is great. However, to look really toned, you need some resistance training, which means that you will gain or at the very least, maintain muscle mass.Secondly, we all know that muscle weighs more than fat. This is why your body weight "might" increase when you start a resistance training routine. The reason I used the word "might", is that your weight could stay the same, if you lost some body fat while gaining the same amount of weight you lost in muscle (which is great if all you want is to lose some fat). On the other hand, you could be gaining more muscle while losing fat (which is also great). The scary scenario is where you not only gain muscle but also gain fat (which is what a lot of us do not really want).The bottom line is, if you eat too much while engaging in resistance training, you will gain both fat and muscle. Look at it this way. If you get tank and drilled a hole at the bottom so that as you pour water in to it, the water drains out; the rate at which you pour water in to the tank will determine how much water you will have in the tank.