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The Booty Pro

by princy william (2019-01-04)

The Decline Crunch:Doing The Booty Pro Review a sit up or a crunch on a decline board is an awesome way to train and strengthen your abs. There are many versions to perform this exercise. For example, you can: Alter the height of the board to ensure a challenge when you do your crunch or full sit up, you can add a twist to the top of the motion, you can add a weight to your chest while performing super slow declines. Spicing up the Decline Crunch in 4 simple variations can bring about a much faster result in getting flatter abs.Bicycle Crunch:You fully extended out on one leg while the other leg is bent; touch your opposite elbow to the bent leg as if you were doing a twisting crunch. Then repeat for the other side without a break in between or dropping your torso down, while being in a crunch position. It's quite difficult, but very worth it.