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Quantum Manifestation Code

by gold stone (2019-01-02)

And that's the way it Quantum Manifestation Code Review is in life. It's not until you decide to move past your fear that you'll see the opportunities and the possibilities. We all keep waiting for the opportunities and possibilities to show up first before we change our mindset. Nah, nah. Change your thoughts, change your mindset, and the possibilities will show up. As soon as you change your thoughts, the clouds clear up and the sun shows up. The sun is always shining, isn't it? All you have to do is rise above the clouds of fear, doubt and worry to spot the sun. Or look at the other side of the globe. Opportunities, possibilities, solutions are just the other side of the coin. Just, F.L.I.P. the coin! Just make the decision right now that you choose to live a life based on love, not fear. And watch your life transform...I grew up listening to Zig Ziglar during my waking hours. If mom didn't put his tapes on and play them I did. I loved listening to Ziglar talk about his "red head" and grew to love red hair from his talks. To this day, I love the brassy red haired ladies who remind me of Ziglar's message to the masses. "You can do it!" comes across to me as a message meant for today's world.When a friend asked me a few days back, "What gets you all fired up?" I didn't have to think long, I answered, "Ziglar's Bull Frog Speech." I heard it when I was a child and I've given it more times than I can count on many different fields of interest, one of the most prominent being politics. I believe as a nation, we're sitting bullfrogs in hot water. We've become complacent and the water's getting hotter.In the business world, we got cozy and comfortable with our profits and they're running out. Now, we're looking back with our cooked body parts wondering how we can escape the coming drain on income, and seeing no way out.Get a vision for your life. Go beyond the cozy comfort of the hot water you're soaking in and create a viable vision for your life that means you have to hop higher, move faster, and keep on building a greater profit into your business than you've ever had before. Move before you can't see beyond the edge of the pot.Find Mentors who will LEAD you. You want a mentor who is just beyond your grasp, who will occasionally stick his foot up your rump and move you into action. Don't accept a complacent mentor who isn't going anywhere - you've gotta move to get where you want to go.Understand the value of Humility. You're not God. You're not like God. You're not a PART of God. And you're not LIKE God. Get over yourself enough to understand that you're God's chosen and you can have what you want, but you're not getting it because you're so all fired hot and wonderful, you're getting it out of the grace of God's loving heart. So let the hot air out and come back down to earth, you're no better than the slug on the street, you just work harder. Humility has purpose in your life - use it.