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Christmas Letters From Santa

by princy william (2019-01-02)

While December can be Christmas Letters From Santa Review filled with comfort and joy, the splurge of consumerism is easily translated to our eating habits. Start your New Year's plan now. Is your desire as strong as your will? Think of what constitutes your motivation. Is it fear of weight gain? Attachment to a certain look? Avoidance of digestive discomfort? Increased energy and vitality? Many people get swept up in the busyness of December and abandon themselves to a frantic rushing around. The result is fatigue, moodiness and a lack of enjoyment. Intend to put a stop on excess before it sabotages your best laid plans for a joyful season. Whether you are managing weight, dealing with food sensitivities, or just plain want to stay sane and healthy, these tips will help keep you in the holiday spirit, without overdoing it.