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by princy william (2018-12-31)

They can be particularly effective Inteligen Review dealing with balance issues. Following TBI, the patient is assessed to identify lost neurological function and a highly specific individualized set of neurological rehabilitation exercises is implemented. On their own, these exercises can be quite effective in the restoration of lost neurological function. Over the last decade, Professor Yuri Danilov and his research team at the University of Wisconsin have pioneered a technique called Cranial Nerve Non-invasive Neuromodulation or CN-NINM for short. What Danilov and his team have found is that stimulating the brain while applying neurological rehab techniques amplifies the rehabilitation of lost neurological function. The results of the combining Dr Danilov's brain stimulation techniques + chiropractic neurological rehabilitation can be truly amazing. This offers great hope for folks suffering from ongoing traumatic brain injury symptoms.