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Lean Body Hacks

by gold stone (2018-12-31)

Base your diet on Lean Body Hacks Review whole plant foods - This is the single most important action to control your cravings, curb hunger, and lose weight. The pillars of a whole foods diet are vegetables, fruits, beans and/or potatoes, and whole grains. Rotate these kinds of foods throughout the day. By volume, one quarter of your diet will be based on each of these nutrient powerhouses. Nuts and seeds are also whole foods, but are more calorie dense. So you should eat a handful of nuts and seeds (or a couple tablespoons of nut butters) 4 to 6 days a week.When you eat a whole foods diet, you are meeting your body's needs. You are striking at the root of food cravings to eliminate them. You get your life back - not to mention your trim figure.Don't allow yourself to get too hungry - Eat when you are slightly to moderately hungry. If you are extremely hungry, your appetite gets out-of-control. Your body thinks food is in scarce supply and you need to down as much as you can to survive the shortage. You crave calorie-dense foods to satisfy your body's panic that you won't be able to get enough.Plan not-meals instead of meals - This way of eating goes with the strategy of not allowing yourself to get too hungry. You eat when your body says you need food, not when the clock tells you it's time to eat. Graze small amounts of whole foods throughout the day. You will stave off intense hunger and satisfy your need for the natural nutrients found only in whole foods.Budget occasional junk food treats - You don't need to miss out on the fun of a birthday party or special dinner. Eating cookies, cake, chips, or other unhealthy foods once or twice a week can be okay. You are in control now, not your cravings. If you get 95% of your calories from whole plant foods, it's not a big problem if you get the other 5% from foods you save for special occasions.Get rid of all the toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals that you can - Have you read your shampoo bottle, toothpaste tube, or favorite cleaning product label lately? If you did, you probably would not recognize the ingredients. While industry tells us these manmade chemicals with long unpronounceable names are safe, unbiased researchers fear otherwise.Check out the findings of the Environmental Working Group or Organic Consumers Association. Many of these chemicals disrupt critical hormones that control appetite, such as your thyroid. Chuck these chemical-filled choices for natural alternatives made with recognizable ingredients. Read labels carefully. Any product may say it is "natural" because this term is not regulated. You may need to shop in natural food stores or online, but the results are well worth it.