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Bet Raider

by princy william (2018-12-29)

Horse racing bets and Bet Raider Review the different types you can use in your war against the bookmaker must become your ally. Learning when to use this method, will reap dividends and help you to minimise your losses whilst frustrating your bookmaker!It is common knowledge that one of the best races to use an each way bet, is one where you only have eight horses running. Conditions are prime here for an each way attack on the bookmakers' satchels. However, frustratingly time and again you will see the following scenario.On the day of racing I find a nice looking race, with eight classy individuals up to compete. This is one of the conditions I am looking out for before studying the form (finding an edge). I know that If I do my homework properly I have a great chance of either picking the winner, or at least getting it placed.