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Fungus Hack

by Daisy Pricilla (2018-12-29)

An adult louse lives between three and four weeks. During Fungus Hack Review this time period a female can lay as much as one hundred and fifty eggs. Each egg takes anywhere from six to eleven days to hatch. The eggs are white in color and thus look a lot like dandruff. However unlike dandruff, the eggs cannot be scratched off easily. After an egg hatches it becomes almost transparent, but you will likely still be able to see them if you look close enough. Behind the ears and on the neckline is the easiest place to see lice eggs if you are looking. The eggs are very small, about.8mm across, and should be found within a fourth inch of the scalp.In days past, the process used to get rid of nits was called nitpicking. Nitpicking requires an absolutely meticulous attention to detail. It is easy to see where the modern interpretation of the word came from. To remove lice today most people use a commercial comb specifically made to remove lice. A normal comb's teeth are way too far apart to scrape off nits. Even when using another method of removing lice, such as a pesticide or lotion, you will need to use one of these combs.