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High Performance Leadership

by gold stone (2018-12-29)

Just knowing High Performance Leadership Review that you would like a Rolls Royce or a holiday home in Spain is not enough though. You need to have a totally clear mental picture of the things, people and situations that you want to bring into your life.Many years ago I read a book on success written by a self-made millionaire, I've never forgotten his words on this subject. They were to the effect that you should be able to describe so accurately what you want from life that it could be delivered to you by the relevant vendor based purely on your description of it.Most people's pictures of their desires are vague and nebulous to put it mildly. Some people even waste time and mental energy thinking of things that they don't won't. That creates a whole set of problems that I don't have time to go into here.An unclear goal would be "I want a family". A clear goal would be " I want a partner, two children and a German Shepherd dog. Or an unclear goal would be " I want a good job". A clear goal would be "I want to work for an International company. To earn £50,000 per annum and travel throughout Europe using my creative skills and my ability to speak foreign languages".Once you have successfully formulated your goal you will need to pursue it. The problem here is that whilst most people start off enthusiastically this soon wanes. I have often heard it expressed as "life gets in the way".There is a quick and simple way of staying on track to your goals when you are tempted to drift away from them. Write down on a piece of paper all that achieving your goal will mean to you. For example the person with the career goal won't just gain his/her ideal career but a chance to travel, to meet new friends, to have interesting experiences.In short success in this goal will transform their life. Now think of the effort required to put together a C.V., contact recruitment consultants by telephone or email. What's that compared to what this person stands to gain.You can do this with any goal. Then act; break down actions into small bite sized steps so that you never feel overwhelmed by them. Keep these two rules and you will find circumstances opening up in your life, which will allow you to achieve goals, which once seemed impossible. Finally mentally picture on a regular basis your goals as already achieved and you will turbo-charge your progress towards them.What if you could become the person you always wanted to be? Imagine improving your skill level by miles instead of inches; becoming confident to a degree you've never experienced and seeing improvement in the true definition of a quantum leap. One day you are at level zero and the next you're at level one. You know how you got there but others may not.