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Miracle of Self Discipline

by gold stone (2018-12-29)

A common fear is the Miracle of Self Discipline Review fear of failure. The what if I only get so much done, or only talk to one perspective client this month are frightening thoughts. You won't jinx yourself by speaking the thoughts out loud or thinking them. It helps to acknowledge them and let them go, so you can put forth your best effort. Is that fear of failure keeping you from completing any other business-related tasks?If you are like me, your thinking how could I possibly be afraid of success? The whole point of studying and preparing to become a coach was so I could be successful! Yes, but dig a little under the surface, and ask yourself how do you feel about being a coach?Many new coaches walk around with a silent fear worrying if they are good enough, if they deserve to be the guide that helps another person succeed, if when push comes to shove, can they really say the right thing.The two most common fears are the fear of failure and the fear of success. Its important to think the fears through even if it feels uncomfortable. Are there business tasks you are avoiding because of fear? Is fear holding you back in some unconscious way? Take some time to think about that and figure out ways to conquer each fear.You've spent hours listening, reading, writing and role playing about human emotions, and communication skills. You've thought through your niche, marketing strategies, and you know where you want to be in the coaching field. Now, its time to move on from the learning faze to the doing faze.Its definitely time to move forward, just keep in mind that the learning never stops. A doctor knows not to treat himself but to seek out the help of another physician when its required. Its also important to remember that as coaches we still have to walk the walk and to continue to develop personally and professionally, the way we want our own clients to do.Scientific studies have found that, contrary to popular beliefs, innate abilities are not the major factor in achieving excellence in any sphere of endeavor. We are not born with predispositions to excel in particular skills; those are learned.Even in the cases of child prodigies, studies have found that the predominant factor behind their exceptional skill was not a trait in the child himself. Those little "genius" became so because they had highly motivated parents that pushed them to achieve and to excel.An excellent example of that would be Tiger Woods. He was introduced to golf by his father while he was still only 18 months old - and, from then on, encouraged by the patriarch to practice intensively. By the time he won his first major tournament, Tiger had at least 15 years of training and practice.