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Power of Clarity

by gold stone (2018-12-28)

The good thing about this Power of Clarity Review process is that it comes automatically as part of the previous step. As you continue to tell yourself that you deserve more in life (using our ongoing example), you will naturally begin to want more from your life. Where this gets tricky is that you need to go out and do it and make sure to continually do the reality check at every step.As a last result your mind will try to throw new things at you to trip you up and prove that you can't deal with things on your own. Each and every time that happens you need to continue to undermine it and reinforce the positive. As long as you then back it all up with action proving you can handle things, your life will begin to be yours to control again. That means the most important step involves not just talking about doing things, but actually doing them.Using our example, that could be as simple as doing more things for yourself (taking a hot relaxing bath, reading a book you've been putting off for awhile, or whatever else). What you're doing with these actions is proving that everything you've been saying is true - you can indeed handle everything on your own - and also taking on more things to add worth to your life.As before, each individual issue will have its own unique requirements to deal with. That's one of the many reasons we set up the steps the way we did. Not only does it help you figure out what your individual issue is and how to deal with it - it also helps you to deal with everything in a safe, effective, and positive way.It's also important to realize that your issue won't go away in a day, a week, or even possibly a few years. In some cases issues can become so big that they never truly go away. However, each day you successfully deal with your issue it will become less. Even issues that never go away will become so small that it's like they aren't there anymore. They will surface once in awhile and it will only take a second to get it back under control.This is critical to understand. As soon as you assume the issue is "cured" or "gone forever" you will stop trying to deal with it and it can again take over your life. This doesn't mean being on guard for the issue every moment of every day. All it means is being aware enough that when it again surfaces you recognize it for what it is and but it back in place right away. Once you get to that place you will understand just how easy it is to do - even though right now it seems like a lot of work.Once an issue has been brought to the surface it is likely to get triggered more often than it was previously. This means the next best step is to replace the trigger outcome with something much more positive. That way when it does get triggered it takes you to a better, more useful place.