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by gold stone (2018-12-21)

Pick an event Zen12 Review that's coming up in the next few days. Keep it simple. Whether its a meeting at the office, or just dinner with friends doesn't matter, just as long as its something you'd like to go well.Now, visualize it happening in your head... going really really well. Think about how it ends and all the things you accomplished by then. Now OUT LOUD, say some of the things you want to say... ACT OUT some of the things you want to see happen. Then go back and do it again... a couple of times, please. Okay, you rehearsed... now on with the show!Ask someone who failed to achieve financial success how many times they tried. The answer will most likely be in single figures; chances are it will be no more than once or twice. Listen to their stories and you'll soon realize they lacked the persistence to carry on once they encountered an obstacle or setback.Then ask the same people if they ever learned to ride a pushbike or drive a vehicle, or any other skill. Ask them how they did it: what happened the first time they fell off the bike? How long did it take to master the gear change or the golf swing? This time you'll likely find they tried many times. Few people can get onto a bike or pick up a baseball bat and do it right first time. Everyone learns in their own time, and most people automatically persist until they acquire the skill.Napoleon Hill tells us that persistence is a state of mind, and as such it is something that anyone is able to develop if they work at it. The above examples prove this, showing that we can be persistent about things when we choose to be, when the prize is worth winning. Follow the tips below and make sure that lack of persistence doesn't stop you achieving financial success.You will struggle to persist in something you don't really want to do. Whether you're thinking about your work, your home life, or building a financially secure future for yourself and your family, if you aren't enthusiastic about the task - if you lack a real desire for it - you are unlikely to be willing to give it the persistence needed for success. If you find yourself unable to stick to the task you need to think about whether you've made the right choice. Once you have found your burning desire, persistence will cease to be a problem.