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The Hidden You

by princy william (2018-12-19)

Most men lavish these gifts The Hidden You Review during dating and courtship. After marriage, they never again remember that their wives are worthy of any gifts. What has happened here is that the man was not showering you with gift as a sign of his love, but as a sign of his power over you. Once you are conquered, what is the point wasting any more gifts on you. I bet there would be several women who would remember after reading this piece that it is true that their husbands no longer see them as worthy of any gifts. Think about it.Wooing is one English word I find offence with. The synonyms to the word "woo" include 'entice' and 'flatter' which also mean tempt, beguile, inveigle, con, trick, deceive, coax, cajole.Mutual respect invites us to esteem each other as equals; worthy of honour. It is objectionable to have situations where people pay school fees, house rent, and medical bills for people they are dating. Many people may make case for kindness here. This is no kindness. This is a carrot game. It is the proverbial ice-cream coated knife. It is not even logical. It confuses the agenda and removes the opportunity for correct and righteous judgment.