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by gold stone (2018-12-19)

Lenses and glass specs, Lutazene Review both are available in the market in plenty; many well known companies provide these materials of varying range and at varying cost. This cost does not create the difference between them; rather the use of these two items creates the difference. Firstly, eye glasses are very easy to wear and remove; people do not need to give any extra effort or concentration for that; whereas, inserting and removing a contact lens needs some extra attention and care. Few days of practise is needed to get acquainted with the use of a contact lens. Secondly, a contact lens needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly using the solution provided with the contact lens. It cannot be cleaned with normal tap water or any other solution or even without any liquid. In comparison to this, the glass spectacles can be cleaned anywhere using just a clean piece of cloth. And a spec user may not even clean the glass spec regularly. Thirdly, a contact lens is very comfortable for the human eyes; it is so light and soft that people cannot even feel it after inserting it in the eyes. Kids can run around and play wearing a contact lens, there is no chance of any type of accidents; whereas wearing a glass spectacle throughout the day is often very uncomfortable and irritating. People who have to give physical labour at their work sites and kids often find it very uncomfortable to do their respective activities wearing a contact lens. Kids may even face serious problems if the glass spec gets broken while playing, it can damage their eyes. Moreover, a contact lens can be used by people of any age, which cannot be done if one uses glass specs.Besides these, contact lenses are far more fashionable than the shabby glass specs. Nowadays, most teenagers hate to wear glass spectacle as it makes their image dull in front of others; whereas the contact lenses enhances a person's appearance and personality. There are several more advantages and disadvantages of the contact lenses and the glass specs; but both of them are extremely essential for protection of the eyes.People may have glaucoma, but only few will have narrow angle glaucoma that must be cured with surgery immediately. Therefore, if anyone who thinks he may have this problem should ask eye doctors for help as soon as possible.Glaucoma is a mixed name of several similar eye problems that can cause great pressures to the eyes. With glaucoma, people run very high risk of getting blindness. The narrow angle type is much horrible, though it is rare. What's worse, glaucoma can not be realized easily, for no evident symptoms will be detected.The result of glaucoma is blindness if not treated. Generally, the narrow angle glaucoma will come quickly and lead to great damage. And sufferers will endure great pains. This type of glaucoma can lead to blindness if not treated immediately. Therefore, great pain may be the symptom of narrow angle glaucoma.The narrow angle glaucoma will cause great damage, though rare. And the symptom of this disease is very evident. Sufferers will feel great pain and pressure in their eyes, or some will have to suffer from inflammation and many other horrible symptoms.