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Pocket Light Review

by gold stone (2018-12-18)

It is not that surprising Pocket Light Review anymore to see hundreds or more books and e-books about the 2012 end of the world news being written and published both online and offline. Anything with such international hype will surely cause an upset to the masses, the governments and the different nations across the globe. We have had our share of these "end of days" prophecies, but there's nothing quite like this one, judging from the numerous 2012 books it has spawned plus a mainstream film.For some, these 2012 books are just plain crap. However, for others, for those who strongly believe and for those who may or may not believe, these books can be a vital source of information. What does one really want to know from these books? How will you know if that book about the 2012 prophecy that you bought is worth it? The answer to these questions are also questions. Don't be confused. The whole point is that these 2012 books should be able to answer today's pressing and important questions about the looming catastrophe. That's how you can measure its quality and effectiveness.It all started with the Mayan civilization and their so-called advanced astronomical calendar system. That calendar ends mysteriously on December 21, 2012. Although the Mayans say that this will mark a huge change that the whole world will experience, it doesn't entirely say it's going to be the end for the human species. Maybe the book can answer that.There are several signs stated in the Holy Bible that serve as hints to the coming of the end of days and most of those signs like war, famine, fake prophets, we are currently experiencing. Could this mean something? Do those 2012 books have this information.Most of the time people plan on having enough supplies to have a few weeks worth or a month available just in case for emergencies. While this is easy to do with things like food, it's very hard with water. For most families, you will need hundreds of gallons of water to have enough to drink for one month. Storing this is possible but extremely hard to do. There are other more practical ways to do this.