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by princy william (2018-12-17)

Putting your child on the GFCF diet will require NooCube Review many dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as a lot of tough love. Most of the foods kids love eating - ice cream, pizza, cake, spaghetti, cookies, etc. - contain gluten and casein. If your child is younger than four years old, you might have an easier time implementing the diet. At that age, children have yet to develop their food preferences and you can help form these by simply placing the right foods on the dinner table. Even if your child is older, you can still get him or her to follow the GFCF diet, but you may meet some resistance at the start.There are two ways to start the GFCF diet. The first is to go cold turkey and remove all gluten and casein-containing food at once. This method is highly recommended by health care practitioners because it is easier and faster to check if your child is responding well to the diet.The second method is to remove the foods slowly and gradually. Before implementing the diet itself, start introducing foods that have no casein or gluten in them. For instance, if pasta is your child's favorite food, start placing more quinoa and whole rice on the table. Include a side dish of green leafy vegetables during every meal, and offer fruit for dessert.