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My Cellulite Solution

by Johnson Sophie (2018-12-15)

Your sex. Sorry ladies. Men My Cellulite Solution Review are genetically programmed to have less body fat.
Your age. The aging process allows the degeneration of muscles and increase of body fat.
Physical activity. Any kind of physical activity even some as mundane as washing the dishes burns up additional calories.

Since metabolism is unique to every individual, this New Age type of diet considers all of these factors and comes up with a specific diet for an individual. This kind of tailor made diet allows a person's life to exist: his culture, lifestyle and habits with his food. For example, a tri-athlete would have a different diet than an obese adolescent.

According to a study done by American Society of Clinical Nutrition in 2005, there is great promise in the Science Diet, based on the fact that a person's response to drugs, food supplements, stress, physical activity, body composition, age, sex, colonic flora, and reproductive factors varies. The study also stressed that more research is required to produce standards and procedures for data collection and interpretation for the use of Metabolomics n human nutrition.